Picturing Austrian Cinema (Bildredaktion)
Hg.: Katharina Müller und Claus Philipp, Spector Books, 2022.

Zen and the Art of Film Projection
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Rethinking the City as a Body without Organs
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The role of new media for community building in large housing estates
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Analyse von Bewohnerforen als innovatives Mittel der Wohn(bau)forschung?
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Conference Papers

The Cinema of Abstractions. Photochemical Film in the Age of the Computer
Conference: The Shifting Ecologies of Photochemical Film in the Digital Era, Online, 2021

Going down the drain: The biopolitics of sewage in Vienna
Conference: Assembling Cities, Zurich, 2015.

Spaces of Intensity
Conference: Space and Place, Oxford, 2013.

Public Interspaces
Conference: Raumentwicklung 3.0, Akademie für Raumforschung und Landesplanung - Junges Forum, Hannover, 2012.

The Mediated Square
Conference: Public space and the challenges of urban transformation in Europe: Politics and culture, Vienna, 2010.

Brownfield redevelopment in Central-Eastern Europe
Conference: Urban Development and Planning in Western and Central Eastern Europe, Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest, 2010.

Cosma Grosser