The Act of Not Seeing With One’s Own Eyes

The Act of Not Seeing With One’s Own Eyes, 2023, digital, colour, sound, 8min

I am a filmmaker, and a projectionist. Mostly I am a projectionist who doesn’t have time to make films. I projected so many images that my body got sick – severe chronic gastritis. I had to swallow a camera to see what was wrong inside me. The images that made me sick are the images that will help to make me well again. I did not make them, my body did. Through its automatic functioning, its convulsions, it produced images that you now see. Images, concrete and abstract, beautiful and repulsive, almost like one of Stan Brakhage’s films. But also the complete opposite: not handmade but auto-poetic, not analog but the newest digital technology, not silent but with sounds produced by the body of a musician, not square but very wide, no subject here, no inner visions, just my inner self.

Distribution: Light Cone