Concrete Ghosts

Concrete Ghosts, 2016, 16mm, colour, silent, 6min

Concrete Ghosts explores urban spatiality and temporality based on Michel de Certeau’s dialectic between space and place, inside and outside, walking and seeing. The film consists of two series: The first one shot through window panes, invisibly detaching the viewer from the outside, like screens creating a space beyond filled with dreams, memories, fantasies and ghosts. The second unfolds a dialectic between the city down below, made of thousands of footsteps forever unrecorded and lost in time, and the panoptic vision from above, which only sees an immobile texture laying dead before its singular eye. The film was shot with a Bolex on 16mm colour film and uses methods of multiple exposures, different film speeds and hand cranking the film backwards in order to create multiple layers of time and space on one material filmstrip.


dotdotdot Open Air Kurzfilmfestival, Austria
Process Experimental Filmfestival, Latvia
School Friedl Kubelka for Independent Film, Austria