10 megabytes of memory

10 megabytes of memory, 2021, digital (from Video8), colour, silent, 2min

Text Vienna Shorts (Neil Young): After Mountain View (2019) and Into the Wild (2021), Vienna-based experimental miniaturist Markus Maicher lands his Vienna Shorts hat-trick with this unique study in digital autobiography. Compressing a whole decade of his family’s home movies into 10Mb of binary data, it bombards the viewer with two minutes of total sensory overload. The result is a giddy blast of turbo-speed nostalgia that manages to find a whole new angle on the well-worn found-footage format.


dot dot dot Open Air Kurzfilmfestival, Austria
Small File Media Festival, Canada
Split Videoart Festival, Croatia
Tranås at the Fringe, Sweden
Under the Radar, Austria
Vienna Shorts Film Festival, Austria