I am an experimental filmmaker, projectionist and lecturer in artistic research. I am interested in analogue filmmaking as artistic practice and emancipatory aesthetic politics, in open source technology and the ethics of sharing. I programmed this homepage with the open-source program jekyll, please enjoy all its flaws!

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2023-04-02 Screening: I am not there, Analog Mania

2023-04-01 Vernissage: The Aesthetics of Disappearance, Video Installation, Analog Mania

2023-02-06 Vernissage: Memory Series, Video Installation, Galerie Kras

2023-01-23 Talk: “Arbeiten mit analogem Film” mit T. Covi, R. Frimmel u. I. Brunäcker, Stadtkino Wien

2023-01-21 Screening: Earth Water Motor II, Rundgang AK Bildende

2023-01-16 Talk: Präsentation filmischer Arbeiten, Friedl Kubelka Schule für unabhängigen Film

2022-12-16 Screening: Memory Series, K3 Film Festival

2022-12-14 Premiere: K3 Trailer, K3 Film Festival

2022-11-26 Vernissage: Lichtbild 4:3, Film Installation, Kultuhof Villach

2022-11-23 Screening: Into the Wild, Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival

2022-11-19 Vernissage: Super8TV, Vienna Art Week, Creative Cluster

2022-11-10 Screening: Mountain View, Analogica

2022-11-09 Screening: As you are coming closer, Festival de Sevilla

2022-11-04 filmkoop wien re-opening

2022-11-04 Screening/Curated: Blätter im Herbst, GROW II, Blickle Kino

2022-11-02 Screening: Mountain View, Engauge Experimental Film Festival

2022-10-20 Screening: Memory Series, Antimatter [Media Art]

2022-10-13 Screening: Mountain View, ULTRAcinema

2022-08-20 Screening/Curated: Into the Wild / 10 megabytes of memory, Waldarena Krumpendorf

2022-07-26 Screening: As you are coming closer, Syros International Film Festival (SIFF)

2022-07-09 Screening: Blätter im Herbst, Dresdner Schmalfilmtage

2022-07-01 Grant/Residency: 3-month filmmaking grant, Cultural Commission Carinthia

2022-06-29 Talk: PhD Research Presentation, Channel Clayton, Angewandte Wien

2022-06-14 Residency: Medienfrische Tirol/Bschlabertal

2022-05-26 Screening: 10 megabytes of memory, Split Videoart Festival

2022-05-26 Screening: 10 megabytes of memory, Vienna Shorts Film Festival

2022-05-13 Workshop: Die Kino Maschine, Österreichisches Filmmuseum

2022-04-10 Screening: Into the Wild, Peripheries

2022-04-09 Screening: Memory Series, Diagonale

2022-03-25 Screening: 10 megabytes of memory, Under the Radar

2022-05-02 Screening: Mountain View / Into the Wild, Metrokino Kulturhaus

2021-12-10 Screening: Into the Wild, Harkat 16mm Film Festival

2021-12-10 Screening: Into the Wild, Kinoskop - Analog Experimental Film Festival

2021-11-05 Screening: Into the Wild, Chicago Underground Film Festival

2021-10-16 Screening: 10 megabytes of memory / Into the Wild, Tranas at the Fringe

2021-08-01 Screening: Into the Wild, Bogotá Experimental Film Festival / CineAutopsia

2021-06-12 Screening: Into the Wild, Diagonale

2021-05-27 Screening: Into the Wild, Vienna Shorts Film Festival